TrishaReaching10 is blog all about creating the best quality of life possible. Undoubtedly, everyone has heard the phrase, “on a scale of 1 – 10 [insert phrase like “how good do you feel?”(ten usually being the best)].

We all want to be able to reach that full 10, whether it be healthy mind, healthy body, healthy finances or other wonderful things.

I’m Trisha, and on this blog I will talk about my journey as a health coach. Through it, I will be able to express my personal struggles and new found perspectives in addition to sharing great workouts and recipes!

I love being a health coach. I studied Exercise and Wellness in college and am getting certified as a personal trainer! I’ve worked as a health coach for my university and as a group fitness trainer at a local gym previous to this program.

Feel free to check out my site! Take a look at the success stories and what I have to say.  Below is my story about why I am going on this journey. If you want to learn more about what I do or hear more about my program contact me through the info listed below.



(801) 471-5254

 I specifically remember going to the pool in 4th grade for a class trip and being embarrassed to walk out in front of my peers in my swimsuit. Even in high school, when I was playing sports I would always wear knee high socks to cover up my “thick” calves. Even now, it bothers me when my pants feel a little too tight or when I overeat and feel sick with myself that I lost my control.

I have hated and even felt guilty about feeling this way, and I know others do too. A turning point for me, in my decision to be a health coach, was when I heard this lady talk about how weight is kind of our secret depression, how it’s always on our mind but we just avoid talking about it. We begin feeling helpless about it and letting it wear down on us. I realized that I do that to myself.

And then I thought: How is that negative self-talk influencing me? How is it influencing my relationship with my husband? How is it affecting my little sisters? Or my parents? Or will it affect my future kids?

When I am being absolutely honest with myself, about why I want to do this program, I know it is because I don’t want to feel the way I’ve felt in the past and, likewise, I don’t want anyone else to experience that. I don’t want teenage girls that are bombarded with society’s definition of beautiful to look at their bodies and think that they are not beautiful or stop eating to reach some unrealistic expectation. I don’t want 20 year old somethings constantly telling themselves they’re “fat”, hating their bodies, and comparing themselves to every teeny tiny girl out there. I don’t want 30 or 40 or 50 or the beautiful women above that to wonder what life would have been like if things had been different. I want women, and men, to just be okay with who they are, in their own skin.

The reason this program speaks to me is because I know, for me personally, when I’m taking care of myself and working towards my goals, my mentality changes—about my body, about my purpose in life,  and about  who I am. This program allows me to teach people how to be healthy and how to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives. I can help people set goals and feel the success of achieving them immediately. Through this, I can help them feel empowered and, in so doing, hopefully help set them free of the same things I’ve felt in the past.

If I could help just 1 person relieve themselves of this burden, I would be happy. But, if I could help 1000 or more get there, I’m pretty sure my heart would burst because that is the difference I want to make in the world. 


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